Dumb Criminals

Welcome to Dumb Criminals!

My goal is to build the largest database of dumb criminals on the Internet. As a group, criminals aren’t the brightest folks, but some just stand out, err…sink below, the rest.

I am dedicated to publishing their embarrassing stories.

How Dumb Criminals Started

The Dumb Network was started in September 1998, during my freshman year in high school. As you might expect, I’m no longer a high school student — but I’m still pursuing all things dumb.

Dumb Criminals was started sometime in the middle of 1999 with just a few dozen stories.

Since then, it has since grown to include nearly one thousand dumb criminal stories. More stories are added every week; stupid criminals seem to be a renewable resource. If only I could fill my gas tank with stupid, I’d be set.

Thanks for stopping by — I hope you enjoy the site!
Andy Powell

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