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The Bad Influence of Talking Heads

Saturday, June 21st, 2014 • Filed under Arson

How long have you been waiting for your dream house? Maybe it’s square with a white picket fence. Maybe it’s a medieval castle for the princess that you are. Maybe it’s a cardboard box next to your favorite homeless junkie. Hell, maybe you’re just waiting to get out of prison into somewhere with your own bathroom.

You know who is facing legal trouble? This Texas couple. After finding out that their vacation home was sliding off its extremely stable location on a crumbling limestone cliff, they made many attempts at salvaging it. The final solution was to burn it to the ground. Clearly right? According to NBC, the homeowners are financially responsible for the debris. According to Carson, who sent in this story, the unlucky couple is also being charged for arson. However, that could just be my source making an attempt at quite literally getting his name in here.

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