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Any More Black Friday Sales on Hats?

Sunday, December 28th, 2014 • Filed under Assaults, Guns

Ladies, there’s nothing more important than hair, right? Not only is the hair on your own head a priority; so is the hair of your significant other or romantic interest. I think all of us females can recall elementary school crushes that fizzled the moment your potential boo walked in the classroom with a new haircut.

While this is a goofy shared memory, some people get even more worked up over a bad haircut. A man in Illinois has just been acquitted for assaulting his barber. According to Huffington Post, the man had come in for a haircut and returned later in the day, this time brandishing a gun instead of an unruly cowlick. He woke up the barber from a nap, and expressed his customer dissatisfaction while pointing a weapon. Oddly enough, instead of providing aid, another barber witnessed the scuffle and demanded they “take it outside”. Can you really blame him for wanting them outta his hair?

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