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Saturday, November 29th, 2014 • Filed under Assaults

What are your favorite board games? I grew up on Candyland, but unfortunately became too advanced for that pretty quickly. I still play it with various children every once in a while, mostly because my full-grown father still gets worked up playing a strange game that involves marbles in a colorful, spinning bowl.


Imagine if you were an adult living with your significant other and you still played board games. Not TOO weird, right? Now, imagine you are an adult who gets extremely heated over these board games with your significant other. I’m not talking a sexy sort of heated, when you end up rolling on top of each other and knocking over the Jenga tower; I’m talking domestic abuse heated. According to HP, a New Hampshire couple was engaging in a friendly game of Monopoly when suddenly the girlfriend became angry and slapped her boyfriend across the face. The dispute was overheard by neighbors, who immediately called the cops. The girlfriend was then detained, and the entire legal process probably still took less time to complete than a single game of Monopoly does.

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