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Rock Bottom

Saturday, April 9th, 2016 • Filed under Assaults

How far would you go to speak to an attractive member of the opposite sex? No longer do people write their phone numbers down on napkins or follow them off the bus or…hell, even really interact with each other at all. Most initial communication is now done over social media, as it saves face. However, this man displays enormous courage even in the face of rejection.

A woman in Oregon was busy eating her soup on a quiet Saturday afternoon when a naked man happened by her home. Although they were complete strangers to each other, he greeted her with an amicable “Hi, honey” and reached out for a hug. Terrified, the homeowner managed to push him away and hide upstairs in safety. According to Huffington Post, the police found the suspect later hanging upside down from a tree, as he had hopped a fence and fallen off a cliff. Who knows what happened next? This story is truly a cliffhanger.

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