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Saturday, April 9th, 2016 • Filed under Assaults

I remember being disappointed by the fact that my parents own very few videos or photographs of my elementary school performances. I was an absolutely stunning sign-holder in our production of School House Rock and I’m sure my xylophone expertise moved audience members to tears during our fifth grade Christmas concert. Unfortunately, all of these experiences are now at the mercy of human memory’s fickle nature.

After learning about this California incident, I felt a little more gratitude towards my parents. A skirmish broke out at a kindergarten play after some disrespect regarding seating. According to Fox News, one couple rudely inserted themselves in front of 300 people in order to film their child’s performance. This did not bode well with the remaining adoring fans. Once the verbal altercation turned physical, the play was reportedly canceled and the police notified. So much for junior’s big break.

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