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Grand Theft Dumbo

Monday, October 27th, 2008 • Filed under Assaults, Banks, Self Defense

If you’re being tried for auto theft, the last thing you should do is give prosecutors the evidence they need to convict you and even though driving another stolen car to court isn’t inadmissible, it doesn’t help.

That’s just what happened, according to the AP.

He was already charged with stealing a $125,000 Porsche, so when he showed up to court in a fancy, expensive Lexus, police were naturally suspicious.

I guess he figured a Lexus was less conspicuous much in the same way arriving at the courthouse on an elephant instead of a giraffe is less conspicuous.

The stolen vehicle also had several Yorkshire terriers in it, so not only did he get slapped with another vehicle theft charge but he also got slapped with an animal cruelty charge. If he was driving a stolen Hummer, the Sierra Club would be having a field day with this one.

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