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Introducing The Vogue Spring Collection!

Saturday, August 11th, 2012 • Filed under Banks

Nobody looks through a fashion magazine expecting to see stuff they’d like to wear…right? “Yes, that’s a lovely pair of shorts; I especially love how it reaches her elbows.” or “Thanks, I’ve always wanted my make-up to look like a rainbow gasoline spill”. Honestly, just because an editor board of gay European men deems something trendy, does not mean you should invest in it.

Additionally, just because a Hispanic guy wears his shorts a certain way to rob a bank, does not mean you should follow suit. According to New Times, a man wearing shorts on his head walked into a bank and asked for “what are 20s and 50s”. When the bank-teller seemed confused, he simply stated “never mind” and left. Probably late to get his hair dry-cleaned.

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