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Why So Serious?

Friday, April 15th, 2011 • Filed under Banks, Robberies

As a little kid, wasn’t everything WAY funnier when you weren’t allowed to laugh? If your older sister made a slightly odd face during the quietest part of church, it was suddenly the epitome of hilarity. And you’d almost choke yourself in an effort not to burst out laughing, much to the amusement of your older sister…and it would start all over again.

This situation isn’t much different; it also involves laughter at a rather inconvenient time. In Texas, a man wearing a hard hat and chatting on his cell phone walked into a bank. After slamming a bank some kind of robbery note down on the counter, he demanded money. According to WFAA, the teller took one look at it and cracked up. Obviously frustrated, the crook grabbed the note and stormed out. Maybe he’d brought the wrong piece of paper with him, and was demanding the contents of his shopping list from the bank vault.

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