Dumb Criminals

Now Where Are The Dwarves?

Monday, February 20th, 2012 • Filed under Break-Ins

I could never pay someone to clean my house. Like, what if they thought I was…a slob? That stuff is personal.  Those are MY toothpaste globs, MY dirty socks lying everywhere, MY dust all over the TV. I can’t help but thinking I’ll be judged for the layer of grime that lovingly cocoons all of my possessions.

But if you’re lucky, maybe a deranged criminal can come clean your house for free! A woman in Indiana came home one night to find a man seated in one of her chairs. He refused to leave, even after the police were called, apparently believing that this was his home. According to Huffington Post, he had even done some household chores. The laundry was folded, floors were vacuumed, and there was some chicken cooking on the stove. I bet this is one crime most of us wouldn’t mind being victims of.

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