Dumb Criminals

And Now…Tampons!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009 • Filed under At-Large, Burglaries, Theft

I can’t fathom a reason why someone out there would want to steal a two ton shipment of feminine hygiene products and maybe I just really don’t want to because I like sleeping without waking up screaming.

A woman or (even weirder) possibly a man stole more than a half a million worth of different feminine products from sanitary napkins to tampons, according to The Cabin.

The thieves broke into several shipping containers to steal their loot. If I were the owner of this company, I would have some big concerns with protection issues for my products.

Once they entered the containers, they picked the boxes clean and left the area high and dry, much like the grass after a summer rain or the beach on a cool breeze, the kind of comfort that only a woman can appreciate.

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