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Friday, December 24th, 2010 • Filed under Burglaries, Caught on tape

There is no end to the stupidity and recklessness of teenage boys. Time has seen it all; from George Washington hacking away at his father’s precious fruit-bearing plant, to Bart Simpson’s many acts of town vandalism. However, this story from Spy Gadgets may have topped the charts.

Apparently, two teenagers had been robbing houses in their small Pennsylvania neighborhood. But around Christmas time, they had their worst idea yet. I can only imagine their conversation: “Hey, you know what would make our already idiotic crimes even STUPIDER? We should totally video-tape it, so the evidence will last forever. Plus, it’ll be completely accessible to the police!” And then they probably went back to playing Xbox with their toes and eating four-week old pizza, or whatever other intellectually-stimulating things teenage boys do when they’re together. Anyway, the videos consisted of the duo entering unsuspecting houses and bagging hundreds of dollars worth of electronic items. In one recording, they also opened the poor family’s Christmas presents. And you thought Ralphie Parker had it bad!

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