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Ford GT Theft a Spectacular Failure

Friday, December 16th, 2005 • Filed under Cars

Ford GT Stolen and WreckedA pair of theives decided to steal a car the old-fashioned way. The pair broke into the dealership and cracked the key safe to grab the keys to the 550 horsepower supercar. With keys in hand, they attempted to start the car — only to find it dead. After jump-starting it with a nearby battery pack, the duo pushed aside rapper 50-cents Mustang GT (what a coincidence) and crashed the car through the dealership doors.

Once outside, the team found themselves stuck in a locked lot. Determined not to give up after getting this far, they busted the lock with a Lincoln Navigator (keys courtesy of previously cracked safe) and made a getaway.

The car was recovered a few miles away with over $30,000 in damage.

Thanks Autoblog! Catch the video of the heist at KXTV.

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