Dumb Criminals

Handicapped in the Head

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 • Filed under Cars, Con-artists, Theft

You have to wonder the logic of some people this world. Don’t wonder too hard. You’ll hurt your brain.

One criminal known as the “Sticky Note Bandit” got caught because she parked her car in a handicapped zone while committing one of her crimes, according to KCRA.

The scheme worked like this. The “bandit” and one of her accomplices would sneak a note onto a cashier’s register saying something to the effect of “Kathryn is owed a refund” for a certain amount. Then the woman would go in the store claiming to be the woman on the note to whom the store owed her money. Her scheme could be considered brilliant if her intellect didn’t get in the way.

Police spotted her vehicle parked in a handicapped zone and when they went to cite her, they recognized her name from a local “Most Wanted” list. “Most Stupid” is more like it.

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