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Monday, January 19th, 2015 • Filed under Cars

What are two events that should never mix? Sex and driving. What are two events that often mix? Sex and driving. Someone I knew said a coworker of his had a girl on top of him whilst driving down a dirt path (a very dirty path indeed). In a favorite novel of mine, road head eventually leads to an ghost that just won’t quit hanging around…sort of like an annoying ex?

Anyway, Cameron Diaz’s character in The Counselor better move over for this daring couple. A witness called the Florida police to report he had seen (and heard!) a couple fervently fornicating at a closed car dealership around midnight. They were going at it Dr. Seuss style– here , there, everywhere, in a car, on a car. According to The Smoking Gun, the male spit in the face of the female officer participating in his arrest. While that sort of bodily fluid exchange might have been welcome before, it certainly was not then. The contaminated car was a Kia Sedona, as if those aren’t hard enough to sell already.


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