Dumb Criminals

“ID” Stands for “Is Dumb”

Friday, February 13th, 2009 • Filed under Cars, Kidnappings

Once again, a group of fumbling kidnappers led police to their whereabouts. This time, they could only have done worse if they left their business card with their daytime and night time telephone, office and cell numbers written on the back.

They swapped out the license plate on the cars with one of their own, according to the Korean Times.

They kidnapped their victim and demanded money for their safe return. Police set up a poorly planned sting in which they gave the kidnappers fake money with a GPS device tied to the bag. That’s great, why not just hand them a bag with “Careful, fragile GPS device inside” written on the front?

Don’t worry because even these guys didn’t seem smart enough to grasp that. They switched out the license plate on their stolen car, only the license plate they put on the car belonged to one of the kidnappers. What’s worse is it was one of those vanity license plates that read, “KIDNPERS”.

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