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In the Doghouse

Friday, October 16th, 2015 • Filed under Cars, Drugs, Drunks

Why do we love when pets act like people? Is our species-wide sense of narcissism quite that powerful, or do we prefer the simple responsibility of animals over the all-encompassing responsibility of smaller people? Either way, cats who sit upright and dogs who shake hands consistently captivates the heart of America.

At least one instance of anthropomorphizing was regarded by Florida policemen as too far. A DUI suspect was caught speeding, but only after he had also ran a stop sign, driven through two ditches, crashed into a house, and escaped from the wrecked vehicle into a church. According to Huffington Post, the car gave off the rather expected odor of marijuana and alcohol. As the traffic violator was being arrested, he insisted his dog had been driving. Shockingly, there was not a single canine present in the car.

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