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Know Thy Selfie

Sunday, October 6th, 2013 • Filed under Cars, Technology, Theft

Don’t lie, you’ve taken a picture of yourself at least once. Whether it’s of you and your pet, you and a cup of coffee, or you and your significant other—it’s totally happened. My guess is that not much more time will pass until “selfie” is added to the dictionary. In which case, someone will probably take a selfie with it.

A woman in Florida got so excited after stealing a family’s Apple technology that she decided to take some selfies of her own. She had stolen an iPad and an iPod Touch out of their car while they were visiting one of Florida’s regional parks. Apparently not realizing that photos taken on an Apple device will show up on the computer, her selfies surfaced on the family’s iCloud account two weeks later. According to Local 10, all of these pictures are able to be located geographically. No filters on this one, guys.

Special thanks to Laurie for this submission!

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