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Friday, December 29th, 2006 • Filed under Cars, Theft

captmh11112282022lost_carjacker_mh111.jpgPop quiz, rookie. You’ve stolen a car, crashed it twice and gotten completely lost. What do you do? A. Stop and ask a cop for directions. B. Call AAA and ask for a tow truck, and give them YOUR personal identification. C. Dial 911 and turn yourself in.

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) – A carjacker called 911 and turned himself in to police after he crashed a stolen SUV twice and got lost during his escape from the crime scene. Claude King, 31, called police from a Palm Springs pay phone and confessed to stealing the GMC Envoy Tuesday night, The Palm Beach Post reported.

“Um, I committed a crime,” he told the police dispatcher. “I stole a vehicle.”

He also added, “I’ve been a bad boy. I believe a spanking is in order.”

The operator asked him for his location, and King reportedly told her he didn’t know where he was. He also wouldn’t stop and ask for directions. GQ Magazine plans on naming him their next Man of the Year.

When police finally caught up with him, they found him sitting on a curb. He told police he got lost on his way from the street to the sidewalk.

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