Dumb Criminals

Robin Hood Level: Stupid

Monday, August 13th, 2012 • Filed under Burglaries, Cars

Have you ever gotten a present you didn’t really ask for? A record, for instance. It’s thrilling that your friend is cool enough to be into vinyl, but there you have absolutely no way to listen to 12 inches of whatever obscure music your friend dug out of the ever-so-esteemed thrift store collection.

Even worse is when you receive a gift from a dumb criminal; it is probably safe to assume that they may not have the best taste.  Especially this man in Georgia who, after robbing one person’s car, left his acquired loot in a neighbor’s.  This was a wallet and camera, according to Dacula Patch. The owner of those decided not to press charges, but how about the guy whose stuff was in the burglar’s car?

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