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Steal a Car, Go to the Unemployment Office

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006 • Filed under Cars, Theft

images17.jpg ONE OF LIFE’S LITTLE LESSONS #201: If you steal a car and use to drive you to take your civil service exam at the police station, you probably won’t get the job…unless it’s for the IRS.

PITTSBURGH, Penn. (Post Gazette) — A Clarion County woman who apparently used a stolen car to get to a state police barracks to be fingerprinted for a civilian job was arrested yesterday on an outstanding warrant from Georgia.

State police in Clarion said the woman had been sought in Georgia for stealing that car.

After taking fingerprints of Joshlynn Leigh, 30, of Strattanville, troopers learned of the warrant and placed her under arrest at 11:35 a.m.

In the parking lot of the barracks, troopers found the car that had been reported stolen.

She took a stolen car to a police department. That’s like taking a Weight Watchers group to a Cici’s Pizza buffet. That’s like taking a Vivarin for insomnia. That’s like taking a date to an abstinence awareness meeting.

Police also said they became suspicious of the woman during her civil exam. According to her test, for the question “What would you do if your government provided vehicle broke down during work hours?”, she responded, “I would stea…er…borrow a car.” The sad part is it wasn’t an oral exam.

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