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Undercover Over Their Heads

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 • Filed under Cars, Theft

ONE OF LIFE’S LITTLE LESSONS #339: On the road of life, make sure you know who you’re passengers are because you just might be riding with a chainsaw wielding psychopath hitchhiker who is wanted in three states for crimes they haven’t come up with names for yet.

Two teens learned that lessons when they tried to steal an undercover cop car, according to Local10.com.

Of course you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How could they know it was an undercover cop car? If they did, then maybe the cops aren’t too bright.” In that case, I would slap you because you are twice as dumb than all of those people put together.

The officers were still in the car while the teens were trying to break into it. Good thing the officers were there to let them in.

Police caught them and took them to jail, hopefully in the same car they were trying to break into for a big sloppy slice of delicious, rich irony.

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