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Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 • Filed under Cars, Drunks

Can you imagine being famous for one stupid thing you did? Worse yet, what if this stupid thing became your moniker? It’d be like living in a middle school sit-com made for middle-schoolers. How would people recognize you if not for your accidental bodily functions or your idiotically phrased comments?

Unfortunately, an elderly woman in Florida never escaped her reputation. Infamously known as “Bikini Grandma”, due to a video of her failing sobriety tests that became viral, she is the target of many a street-patrolling cop. According to Huff Post, she was arrested a year ago after drunkenly causing a car crash with her 10 year old grandson in tow. She was recently caught violating her probation. Supposedly fully clothed, at least this time.

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