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The Gouda, the Bree and the Ugly

Thursday, December 20th, 2007 • Filed under Corrupt Cops

Sing along with us everybody! Ohhhhh, weeeee, loooooooove, cheese! We think it’s really great! Oh we love cheese! We want some on our plate. We love any kind as long its cheese in liquid or solid form. If we don’t have our cheese, we’ll feel forlorn. So give us cheese or give us death, that’s what we said. Serve it to us so we can shove it in our head.

According to Ananova, some cops in Italy were busted for taking cheese bribes.

We’ve got to say the cops in this case weren’t very smart. If you’re going to accept a bribe, accept something that can’t be smelled from space.

The weird part is they were accepting them from motorists. Do people in Italy carry cheese in their glove compartments in case of an emergency? I keep underwear in mine, which sort of smells like cheese.

Internal affairs investigators have already arrested four of the officers for taking cheese bribes and believe five more officers may have been involved. They plan on catching them with giant mouse traps.

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