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Monday, April 14th, 2008 • Filed under Counterfeit

There’s an expression that goes “shooting yourself in the foot.” This guy just unloaded a whole clip into his Airwalks, which would be really funny if this were the 1980s and everyone wore Airwalks.

According to the AP, a man posting ball on a traffic charge got a whole new bail when he posted his original bail with counterfeit money.

The man was arrested during a traffic stop for driving with a suspended license after he made an illegal left turn. Why do so many people drive after they lose their license? Shouldn’t that be a clue that maybe they don’t have a handle on this whole driving thing?

He posts bail and an officer discovered the bill was a fake. Apparently cops can spot Monopoly money a mile away.

He got put back into jail, this time on a felony charge. No word yet on whether or not he used his get out of jail free card.

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