Dumb Criminals

Rap and Crime, How Typical

Sunday, October 9th, 2011 • Filed under Counterfeit

Teens have such an attitude, don’t they? They think they can get away with anything, just because they suddenly have the ability of legal self-transportation. Or they think they’re invincible, and try stupid things. Not…that…I…wouldknowanythingaboutthatwhatsoever.

One 17 year-old in College Station decided to try his hand at counterfeiting. Unfortunately…lunch ladies aren’t ones to be fooled. He had gotten his friends to ask the lunch lady for a $5 bill in change, while only 3 of the bills were real. Much to their dismay, she used that fancy pen thing to catch them in the act. And if this isn’t dumb enough, check out his rapping video at Houston Press.

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