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Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 • Filed under Drugs, Drunks

Clothing is always crazy, but lately with Black Friday looming near, merchandise shelves are getting more and more outrageous. Pink fur jackets (which animal has pink fur, and if so, why would you kill such a rarity just to keep your rich white butt warm?) paired with pants too patterned to seem real (thanks, let me just walk around sporting wallpaper) seem to fill everyone’s shopping bags.

One Georgia man is trumping the rest, however.  He was seen running around wearing only a turban and a pair of high heels, and stopped only to put on a pair of pink women’s underwear. Thank goodness right? Worse yet, he was also carrying a pair of sweatpants. According to HP, policemen found traces of cocaine and marijuana in his vehicle. He was arrested on drug charges, public indecency, and a DUI. Beauty over comfort, always.

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