Dumb Criminals

Only Lawyer Worse Than Zuckercorn

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 • Filed under Drugs

What happens when your lawyer himself doesn’t obey the law? You’re screwed. That’s as ridiculous as a butcher going vegetarian or an author who doesn’t read. Worse yet, a teacher who doesn’t know how to teach…because, golly gee, none of us have ever experienced that before, right?

While in a Connecticut courtroom, a defense attorney stood up to converse with his client. As he did so, a small plastic bag containing two ounces of marijuana fell out of his pocket and onto the court bench. When confronted, the lawyer claimed that the special salad was not his; rather he had confiscated it from his client’s child with the intention of admonishment. According to Huffington Post, he was still required to pay a reasonably sized fine. Odor in the court, am I right?

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