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Tastes Better With Salsa

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 • Filed under Drugs, Smugglers

So, Christmas break is just wrapping up (no pun intended), and that means no more piles of seasonal junk food. In fact, most of our New Year’s resolutions probably involve shedding all those cookies chillin’ out around our waistline. My point is, like they’ve been teaching you since elementary school “health class”, junk food is BAD for you.

The story here at Los Angeles Times involves some of the worst. A young man crossing the US-Mexico border had bought some cans of nacho cheese and jalapeños in his car, which seemed harmless until X-rayed. Turns out, he was hiding bags of meth inside the cans–$140,000 worth (7 lbs). And you thought Taco Bell was gross.

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