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Sunday, December 28th, 2014 • Filed under Drugs

My father told me a story about one of his school projects when he was a kid. For science class, he was assigned to create a poster containing information about drugs. After extensive effort on the part of my grandmother and himself, the finished product featured a bag of oregano, a bag of sugar, and an empty plastic syringe. My father said he did not receive a very good grade due to the lack of actual science, yet that pales in comparison to the reaction a teacher would have today.

While it may have been cute for a child to bring fake drug paraphernalia to school thirty years ago, it certainly isn’t cute for a grown man to bring real drug paraphernalia to court today. A young Oregon man showed up for his arraignment on a heroin charge…with a syringe, needles, and a cotton ball in his pocket. According to Huff Post, when these little accessories were discovered during a security screening, he grew sheepish and claimed he meant to leave them in his car. One might say his whole situation is…shot.

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