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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Thursday, December 21st, 2006 • Filed under Drugs

images16.jpgWhen will drug users learn that if you call police and tell them someone stole your stash, they will not retrieve it for you? I’ve seen this story enough times that I’m actually not amused by it anymore and I can watch a chihuaua hump a beach ball for a solid hour without blinking in a sandstorm, which is pretty damn easily amused.

HAWTHORNE, Fla. (AP) — Authorities said Eloise Reaves recently complained to a sheriff’s deputy after getting a beat rock. Reaves was arrested after she approached a Putnam County, N.C., deputy at a convenience store.

Reaves said that instead of crack, the rock she bought was a mixture of wax and cocaine. A local newspaper reported that the woman even put the bad crack on the deputy’s patrol car for inspection.

The deputy inspected the rock and took the woman into custody for possession of a controlled candle.

Reaves also filed complaints against the dealer with the Better Business Bureau, the Anti-Consumer Fraud Coalition and “Fight Back with David Horowitz’s” David Horowitz.

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