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Friday, July 1st, 2016 • Filed under Drunks

Unfortunately, I am not always quite as caught up with the media as I’d like to be. The following story is from last fall, a story I am utterly disappointed to have missed. The tale follows an attractive yet troubled student with a noble aspiration and portrays the courageous way in which he overcomes adversity.

This nearly ten minute video was filmed by the student’s friend, displaying berating, arguing, and physical aggression toward a manager at the UCONN student union. Why? He was hammered, and just wanted some jalapeno bacon mac and cheese. Not that I’d become a notorious internet sensation for it, but that does sound pretty delicious. Unfortunately, his tirade concludes in his getting arrested in front of students and employees. Luckily, he posted an apology video much later, in which he bequeathed, “For those of you who want to donate mac & cheese to me, please…donate it to a local food pantry”.

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