Dumb Criminals

It’s Not Just Sneakers This Time…

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 • Filed under Drunks

Celebrities get away with everything, don’t they? They can wear the most ridiculous clothes, and it’s suddenly the latest fashion. They can name their children after common household objects, and nobody even gives it a second thought. However, Shia LaBeouf has discovered that this policy does not apply when breaking the law.

While filming the fourth Indiana Jones movie in Chicago, he made a stop at a local Walgreens. This was not such a big deal…until he refused to leave. Authorities promptly came to arrest him, and he went without causing any further disturbance. Nobody knows the reason behind this odd misdemeanor, but sources say he might have been drunk. Well, Stanley, looks like it’s back to Camp Green Lake for you!

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