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It’s Okay, We’re Authorized

Monday, August 15th, 2011 • Filed under Corrupt Cops, Drunks

Hypocrites just drive you nuts, don’t they? They’re almost as bad as actual hippos. Except nobody thinks to spend time filming 3-hour long TV specials detailing their feeding and mating habits. Of course, it would probably just be footage of a bunch of things you aren’t supposed to do.

You’d think at least cops would follow their own rules, seeing as it IS the law. But after being assigned to a road trip from South Dakota to Colorado (for a funeral, of all things), they really let loose. Their main offense was driving reckless and drunk, although the garbage they threw out the window wasn’t exactly cheered upon either. According to TCR, they were finally arrested in Wyoming. And will be featured on Animal Planet next month.

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