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He Puts the “VP” in “Very Stupid”

Friday, January 9th, 2009 • Filed under Embezzlers

In these hard, trying economic times, it’s not very comforting to know that someone of the people who put us in this mess might be the ones who profit most from it. At least we can take a small bit of comfort knowing that some of these golden parachutes will have a hole or two in them.

DailyTech.com reports that one company executive got busted for embezzlement when he left the evidence sitting on his desk for all of the world to see.

In this case, the executive, the vice president to be exact, worked for Fry’s Electronics. He was not only taking money from the company, but also getting huge bribes from suppliers in the form of money and free trips to Las Vegas to gamble and win more money, which doesn’t just make him greedy. It makes him a whole new level of greedy. It’s a level of greedy that greedy has never seen. It’s a greed that make the late Kenneth Lay go “Daaaamn!”

He got caught when he left some spreadsheets on his desk detailing the bribes he was receiving. This makes him the first man in the history of white collar crime to leave a physical paper trail for the authorities to find. The only way it could be sweeter is if one of those pieces of paper was stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

Another executive found the spreadsheets on his desk and reported them. Then everything went down hill from there. Officers picked him up at the company’s headquarters, along with the evidence in his office and a new copy of Rock Band 2, now on sale at all participating outlets.

Thanks to Hubdub.com for not only finding this story, but also predicting that we wouldn’t find and post this story. Someone over there has some dog kissing to do.

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