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A Jackpot Crackpot

Monday, May 12th, 2008 • Filed under Forgery, Fraud

The level of some people’s intelligence astounds me, but the only thing that astounds me more is the intelligence people have when it comes to how low they think other people’s intelligence is as well. Don’t drag us down to your evolutionary level.

According to the AP, a man tried to pass off a fake winning lottery ticket to the state’s lottery commission.

Yeah, cashing in a fake ticket to the place that actually prints the real tickets. Lucy and Ethel could have come up with a better plan.

He apparently tried to cash it at two other places before he went to the commission and they both turned him away with the ticket still clutched in his hand. The police took it, of course, as evidence.

The man tried to alert the ticket so it looked like he won $7,000. Just $7K? If you’re going to forge a lottery ticket and (and we’re not recommending that you do, you know who you are), at least go for broke. Claim the winning ticket gives you the $1 million prize, a new Ferrari, the Vice Presidency. Hell, it worked for Dick Cheney.

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