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Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 • Filed under Forgery, Fraud, Theft

It’s amazing we still have mail in this day and age of rampant technology and lightning fast communication. It’s still a necessary and vital part of all societies. For instance, it helps weed out the morons and we’re not just talking about the people who work for the Postal Service.

A man who stole some cell phones got caught when he used an FBI office address on the mailing address, according to the AP.

The man in question tried to buy the stolen phones with a fake check. The check in question was a cashier’s check or as it read on the check, “cahier’s check.” With a mistake like that, I’m surprised the FBI didn’t start questioning me.

He also used the FBI field office as a shipping address and actually waited outside the office to make his transaction. Fortunately, federal agents were there to copy edit his work.

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