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s0 rand0m xD

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 • Filed under Fraud

Ew, remember discovering technology in your middle school days? The thrill of limitless hashtagging, the freedom to use numbers as letters, and best of all, alerting everyone that you changed your Facebook language to Pirate. Wow, I can almost see the “cursed” chain e-mails now.

A group of teenagers in Washington DC (of all places) just committed credit card fraud. Why? They wanted to take “derpy” pictures in a movie theater photobooth. In fact, according to HP, you can even see the poor Maryland woman’s credit card in one of the photos. She had reported misplacing her credit card earlier in the month, and now the goofy pictures are being distributed in an effort to find the oh-so-quirky free spirits. Well, at least their mug shots will be adorkable.

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