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Balanced Breakfast

Monday, May 27th, 2013 • Filed under Kidnappings

Can we just talk about Pop Tarts? Yes, every bite is about 600 calories. Yes, they’re off limits for vegetarians (containing gelatin). Yes, toasting them often results in slurping fruit goo the temperature of lava. And yes, they seem to be colored with tie-dye. But even so, they are a beautiful breakfast creation.

Less beautiful is this story from Charlotte, NC.  A woman called the cops on her own 13 year old son after he had taken a box of Pop-Tarts from their home without asking. He was actually arrested, and charged with misdemeanor larceny. According to Huffington Post, the mother responded with an obscenity after being told her son was nice and respectful. If so, it clearly isn’t hereditary.

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