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Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 • Filed under Kidnappings

What’s the worst part about cooking? Some people may find themselves making food for distinguished critics who are hard to please, a.k.a their picky children. Others may genuinely have no idea what to do, and end up burning water. And apparently a few lucky ones even have their food stolen in the middle of its cooking.

A woman in Virginia called the police after returning home and finding her Crock Pot empty of the chicken she had put in earlier. Instead of assuming she had neglected to start cooking it in the first place, the woman very intelligently decided that someone had broken in and stolen it. Yes, snatched a half-raw chicken from a boiling Crock Pot. According to HP, there was no sign of forced entry, but the woman did not own any pets that could’ve been the culprits. Anyway, nobody had dinner that night.

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