Dumb Criminals

Ma’am, Your Groceries Are Swimming

Saturday, May 21st, 2011 • Filed under Kidnappings

Some people are absolutely CRAZY about saving money. My parents, for example, never took us out to eat unless we’ve got about eight coupons each between the five of us. And even then, nobody got dessert.

But this lady in New Hampshire takes cheap to a whole new level. Like, a criminal level. According to WMUR9, she exited a grocery store with fourteen lobsters in her cart. And did she pay the one hundred or so dollars that sixteen pounds of lobster meat apparently costs? ‘Course not, that’s too expensive. Luckily, the police arrested her on shop-lifting charges. No word yet on what she’s actually planning to DO with a whole colony of kidnapped (er, surprise-adopted) sea creatures…

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