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Bird or a Rat?

Thursday, June 16th, 2016 • Filed under Murderers, Other Weapons

If you could teach a parrot to say anything, what would it be? Would it sing you to sleep? Creatively insult your ex-boyfriend while you shared a bottle of red wine? Make conversation with your less amicable extended family members for you? Personally I’d make sure it memorized my grocery list and also token bedroom phrases.

In this case, the owners never taught their parrot to be quiet. A Michigan couple got into an argument that ended in a murder and an attempted suicide. How did the cops decipher this? According to Huffington Post, the African grey parrot had been repeating the phrase “don’t f—ing shoot!”, clearly traumatized. The victim’s in-laws insist the bird be used as evidence in court, even though the wife has not yet been charged. Most likely, the cops will wing it.

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