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Crayons, Stat!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011 • Filed under Murderers

Plastic surgery? Ick. Even the name sounds gross….like they’re inserting Legos into your organ systems. Which, really, isn’t any more ridiculous than implanting rubber inside some rich chick’s lady-parts. Or those who fork over tons of money to get multiple shots…in their face.

But at least most surgeons know what they’re doing. According to the Village Voice, a woman (an unlicensed cosmetologist, to be exact) was convicted for killing her patient. How? After injecting silicone into the patient’s butt and thighs, she sealed the wounds with…Krazy glue and paper towels. When she died the next day, the “doctor” tried to blame it on the woman’s smoking habit. When this proved to be unsuccessful, she fled to the Dominican Republic for a year. So next time you’re looking in the mirror, at least be thankful your butt doesn’t look like a first-grade art project.

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