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Furby: Not Recommended For…Anyone

Sunday, March 25th, 2012 • Filed under Guns, Murderers

Everyone has something from their childhood that haunts them to this day. I, for instance, will forever be terrified of Gushers, because I feel no desire to have my head replaced with giant fruit. Please share in the comments which ridiculous images still lurk in your earliest memories.

Not surprisingly, Furbys are considered to be horrifying as well. But is it horrifying enough to shoot? According to Huffington Post, a man claimed he had shot his long-time girlfriend by accident. However, a testimony by one of his friends raised suspicion. She told of how their group of four was sitting and drinking one afternoon, when the man became so enraged by a noisy Furby on the table that he threatened to “blow its brains out”. Furby continued to speak, so he shot it right between its eyes. This story served as proof of the man’s temper and accuracy, both of which could have played a part in the murder of his wife. And Furby. A moment of silence, please.

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