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Stay Together for the Lizards

Sunday, August 21st, 2011 • Filed under Murderers

Sucks being stuck in the middle, doesn’t it? Nobody wants to listen to both sides of the typical Jessie-stole-my-lipgloss-but- she-said-she-never-even-touched-it-and-I-know-she’s-lying-because-I-saw-her-with-my-own-eyeballs-and-she-always-just-takes-my-stuff-what-a-brat story.

But some arguments lead to more intense results…even murder. Just ask (err, metaphorically) this 14 year-old bearded lizard. After his owner got into a fight with his girlfriend, she took a knife and brutally attacked him. Him, meaning the lizard. (Animal Lovers–0, Human Lovers–1) Also, according to SF Weekly, said psycho girlfriend had to be tasered during the arrest. Looks like someone won’t be saving 15% on car insurance…

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