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No napping on the job!

Thursday, November 17th, 2005 • Filed under News Links

Breaking and entering is a physically demanding job for some. The owner of a tire shop allegedly forced his way into a business next door, and then he returned to his office and took a nap. Apparently he broke into a veterinarian’s office, stole an undisclosed amount of cash, office equipment, and vials of veterinary drugs and then returned to his store to sleep. Later, officers investigating the pet clinic robbery knocked on Mays’ door to ask if he had heard or seen anything during the break-in. The 26-year-old man reportedly was roused from his sleep by the knocking and told police that he’d heard the business’s alarm go off but did not see anything.
Mays then told the officer that he had to use the restroom and walked away. The police officer looked into the room and saw a computer that looked similar to the one reported stolen from the clinic, the report said. Police searched Mays and found cash and vials of drugs in his pockets. What was he thinking?

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