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What a Dummy

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 • Filed under News Links

When a Highway Patrol officer was making a routine traffic stop, he discovered two dummies inside the vehicle. But only one was human. The somewhat clever dumb criminal was driving in a carpool lane with a kickboxing dummy in his passenger seat. According to polive, officers patrolling the HOV lanes position themselves at the bottom of inclines, which allows them to see into approaching vehicles. Officers used this vantage point to discover an unusual detail about the other occupant of this criminal’s car: the passenger had no legs. The officer drove after the vehicle and ordered the driver to pull over. When he peered into the window, he saw a seat-belted and well-dressed dummy. The officer removed the dummy from the car and placed it on the side of the freeway, to the amusement of passing drivers. The driver was given a hefty citation, and his dummy was confiscated.

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