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Appetite for Destruction

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 • Filed under Other Weapons

Can you imagine if Bob the Builder had a bloodthirsty vengeance? Perhaps instead of traipsing throughout Spring City performing pro bono construction work on buildings that need repair, he is the instrument of disaster himself?  Scoop the catalyst of ruination and Muck the instigator of demolition? It all makes for a storyline even more terrifying than the haunting animation of the scarecrow.

In Colorado, a grown man must have been marathoning  the cartoon while high on the wrong drugs. He built his own bulldozer, complete with assault rifles and plenty of ammunition, and went about his business of wrecking the property of “those who had wronged him”. According to Atlanta Lockmasters, by the time the police put his reverse architecture to an end, he had cost the town over 7 million dollars in damage. So next time you drop a dish on the ground, just remember this guy’s civil engineering technique. Special thanks to Frankie for this submission!



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