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Let’s Get The Bleep Outta Here

Friday, July 19th, 2013 • Filed under Other Weapons, Shop Lifting

Sometimes people don’t want their babies. Throughout history, these people have found convenient ways to get rid of them.  In the middle ages, a popular solution was to leave a swaddled infant on the doorstep of a misfortunate new parent. Worse for the child, another option was an orphanage. In later times, parents could even put their kid in the circus for life. The last one, I’m actually jealous of.

It might not have been this Florida woman’s goal to give away her child, but that’s sure what it looked like. She had gone shopping at Dillard’s, and tried to shoplift $260 worth of clothing using her baby stroller. When a police officer followed her out to her car, she flipped out and eventually threw her baby in its little carseat at him. According to HP, the baby was not injured. The shoplifter received three charges, including “resisting a police officer without violence”. Um. What would be violent, throwing her entire family?

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