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Sunday, March 15th, 2015 • Filed under Other Weapons

They say at any given time, all objects around you can be used as a weapon. While this appeals to the yet-to-be released mega-fighter badass side of me, I’d like to see someone defend herself against a home intruder with a miniature stapler. Maybe see someone take down an IHOP robber with some sugar-free butter pecan syrup. Actually…that crap would probably knock anybody out.

Perhaps the most ingenious weapon is one in disguise. Maybe even a weapon disguised as something completely non-threatening (like IHOP disguised as a real restaurant). A father was arrested while visiting his son in jail. Convenient, right? According to Huffington Post, he put his cane through a separate metal detector than the one through which he walked, and the detector beeped. An officer confiscated the cane and twisted off the top to reveal a sword. Honestly I’m wondering from which Brookstone franchise or Skymall issue he purchased that gem…

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